Michelle’s Makeover

A day by day chronicle of a fearful rescue dog’s progress.

Michelle is a rescue dog whose foster parents enrolled her into the DeBono Dog Behavior Center‘s 28 Day Boarding School program because of severe fear issues.

We are posting video and image updates of Michelle’s Makeover here and on our facebook page so you can watch the process of building confidence in this extremely fearful dog.

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Many of the videos were aired live on facebook so you can see many of our successes as well as our setbacks as they happen. I try to talk you through the decision making process and explain how each choice attempts to maximize reward while reducing risk.

I do not recommend attempting anything we do in these videos on your own. I am very careful about the choices we make for every dog we work with. The choices I make with Michelle are what I think are right for her, but may not be right for your dog. The intent of these videos is simply to showcase Michelle’s progress, and document the process for getting there.

If you have a fearful dog, please contact us for help or find a knowledgeable behavior person in your area (hint: if they even suggest ‘correcting’ the behavior, they are not knowledgeable).

The most recent videos will be at the top of the page. Scroll to the bottom to start at Day 1.

If you are interested in adopting Michelle, please contact info@debonodogs.com.[/text_block]

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