Puppy Training & Socialization Classes! Every Week in South Austin!

Safely socialize and teach your puppy self-control. Only for puppies under 16 weeks old.

Puppy Gatherings are now donation based!
Pay whatever you want!

A donation box will be available at the end of class for cash donations. If you prefer to use credit card, you can select the $10 suggested donation option when you register.

Donations help us cover expenses. There is no obligation or pressure to donate. We offer Puppy Gatherings because safely getting started early is so important for puppies and it's the best way we can help.

Gathering of the Puppies Details

Where: Howl n' Woof Dog Daycare in South Austin.
When: Most Saturdays (check schedule). Gatherings are one hour.
Price: Donation based.
Age Range: 10 weeks to 16 weeks (under 14 weeks is ideal)*.

Vaccination Requirements:

  • Two rounds of DHPP (specifically Distemper and Parvo) administered after 7 weeks old, with the second one at least one week before the Gathering.
  • One round of Bordetella vaccine given at least three days before the Gathering.

Sign up for a Puppy Gathering

* It is at our discretion to make exceptions to the age restrictions If we feel that a puppy is either suitable or not suitable for Gathering of the Puppies.

** Vaccination schedules for puppies are complicated. We will need to see the vaccination records before you come in to confirm that your puppy is ready to come to a Puppy Gathering (you can just send a photo). This is for the safety of all the puppies.

The Importance of Socializing Early

Did you know that after 14 weeks of age, a puppy's window for socialization begins to close?

Therefore, it's crucial that your puppy is exposed to other dogs, people, and environments in a way that builds confidence and is not overwhelming.

Your veterinarian probably warned you about the dangers of taking your puppy to public places before they're completely vaccinated. These warnings should not be taken lightly but they also do not mean you should wait to socialize.

Gathering of the Puppies socialization and training classes are one way to help safely create enjoyable experiences for your puppy around a wide range of stimuli, helping them adjust to many of the environments they are likely to encounter in the future.

Imagine going from preschool to high school graduation in one year and you can get an idea of just how quickly puppies grow and develop!

In a typical puppy training class that runs several weeks, some puppies might crossing over into what is more like a "teenage" period. They often become more rambunctious and impolite, often steamrolling every other dog they see with their exuberance. This can be frightening for younger puppies, and can stunt their socialization.

That's why our Puppy Gatherings are only open to puppies that are under 16 weeks old.

If your puppy is currently older than 16 weeks, then we recommend our weekly Group Training Classes for adolescents and adults.

Younger puppies are in no position to teach the older pups about proper social skills and manners (You wouldn’t put your rude teenager with a toddler to learn manners, would you?. Having older puppies spend time with well socialized adult dogs is crucial for learning socially acceptable ways to behave. There’s a difference between being friendly and having good social skills.


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