Getting Started

There are three steps for implementing the Puppy 911 method.

Follow the directions closely. Puppy 911 is the nearest thing to a puppy raising magic pill that I can give you. But you have to do it right.

You might be tempted to skip to instructions on specific problems like potty training or nipping (Coming Soon!). Don’t. The Puppy 911 method will help reduce these problems as a by-product of the system.

If you are still struggling with specific issues after a few days implementing the Puppy 911 method, then come back for more detailed instruction about the issue.

Step 1. Get the Required Tools.

All content on these pages is 100% free. But you will need to buy some tools if you don’t already have them. You need the right tools – there’s no getting around that. In Step 1, you’ll learn what tools you’ll need and how to use them. Learn more…

Step 2. Understand the Five Types of Daily Puppy Appointments.

Each part of your puppy’s day will be slotted into a Puppy Appointment – the cornerstone of the Puppy 911 method. Each appointment is designed to teach your puppy useful skills for adulthood and reduce common puppy problems, while keeping you sane. In Step 2, you’ll learn the five foundation Puppy Appointment types: 1. Potty Breaks, 2. Training/Playtime, 3. Rest, 4. Self-Amusement, 5. Socialization. Learn more…

Step 3. Create a Puppy Schedule.

It’s not enough to just know the Five Puppy Appointment types, you’ve got to use them to manage each part of your puppy’s day. Creating a semi-regular appointment schedule for your puppy is crucial for building good habits of behavior. In Step 3, I’ll take you step-by-step through the process of creating a schedule that fits your personal lifestyle. Learn More…